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-Reginald Mitchell

I love hiking so much, I often do it alone, but I enjoy company too. This site is a community space for other lovers of the outdoors to meet, play and of course, HIKE!

Ken Carter
Coach Carter (The Movie), Educator, Author, Speaker, Coach.
"Reginald Mitchell has always painted on his own canvas; I truly enjoyed my hike with him"

Mike Stoudemire

Director, Kennesaw Mountain Historical Association
Guys, let me introduce you to Reginald Mitchell. He will be offering guided Nature/Recreational walks for us.
I think this will be a wonderful compliment to the guided History walks we are trying to get off of the ground.
Lets have a blast.


Rue, OutDoor Afro

I am so glad to hear of your success - you are a wonderful example of leadership for our team. And Outdoor Afro is so grateful to have the local REI support of team leaders like Reginald.
Looking forward to connecting more people with nature with you all!
Best regards,


Carolyn, Atlanta African American Adventurers
Greetings Reginald, 
Just wanted to say I think you are doing a great job with your hikes

Dan L., Hike Georgia
Hi Reginald. I had a great time on the hike today and meeting everyone. Thanks for having our group and thanks for being so organized. Look forward to more hikes in the future.

Good morning Reginald,
I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job and I wish you all the best.  Keep up the good work!
Jerel Ferguson | Hike4Life

Vickie, U.S. Army
I enjoyed hiking with the members of We Love 2 Hike. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I'm looking forward to another Meetup outing with the group. This was my first time hiking Kennesaw Mountain and I would definitely hike it again. The views along the way to the top were spectacular even on a cloudy day. I can't wait to experience the views with blue skies.

Byron White - USMC
Awesome. The group chemistry was exceptional. Also, the group organizer was committed and a true leader. Thanks, Reginald.

“The Hike Inn was such a awesome HIKE! You did a great job of being the activity leader. I am working on my activity leader certification for the Florida Trail Assoication and I surely did get great tips from just watching you interact and keep track of the group... I'll be back for another 1 of your hikes! Thanks!!!”

Over 15 years ago I was inspired by Mr. Mitchell to hike. I learned to love nature and enjoy the benefits.... What a great therapy..thanks Reggie

Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron
This was the perfect budget –friendly day for the casual hiker and the casual wine aficionado, such as myself!

Thank you, Thank, Thank You Reginald for responding to several requests to lead us today. Your leadership is commendable. We had an excellent experience.

Any Family that has children should experience "We Love 2 Hike" while the children are young....It's an experience that will be relieved for a lifetime....

Great experience, with a great group of people!

Reginald, I think your very handsome. The only reason why I wouldn't date you is because I'd be scared of losing my hiking buddy after it doesn't workout. See you on the next hike.

Fun group of people. Wonderful hike leaders. Look forward to more hikes with the group!

Really nice hike and great friendly people. Looking forward to more hikes.

Reggie did a very good job leading the group. He kept the group going at a good pace was certainly being concerned with slower hikers.

"Thanks to Reginald for ensuring the slower ones (myself) were never left behind. I will definately attend more hikes with this group!!!" It was a challenging hike. I enjoyed the mixture of hills along with flat/loop.
I thought that the hike was great as was the person who ran it. I did not complete the hike but I enjoyed what I did do and he gave me direction on how to get back. Maybe next time I will complete it. I hope I have him as our leader again.

It was a wonderfull experience! I'm the woman who fell behind. The assistant to hike leader stayed with me (until I asked him to catchup with the rest of the group), a follower hiker stayed with me. The leader of the hike, came to check on me and suggested for me to continue a ways then take trail that returns to welcome center. My friend and I did that! It was wonderfull!

Like most of us I work a lot and needed to break out of the everyday rut for some fresh air. But being a woman I was hesitant to roam alone that’s why I’m so glad that I discovered Now in my spare time I can get that much needed fresh air, without compromising safety, and each hike is an opportunity not just to explore but to enjoy the company of other like-minded people. But don’t take my word for it…..get out there and try it for yourself!! See you in the great outdoors! “Where other lovers of the outdoors can meet, play and of course, Hike!"

Raven Cliff Falls by: Malaika Cooper  
Georgia has some great hiking and camping locations. I and my crew of four visited one recently with Reginald Mitchell founder of We Love 2 Reggie is gearing up to offer a series of weekend get-a-ways for hikers and campers who love the idea, but don’t have time for all the prep. Our destination, Raven Cliff Falls, is about two hours drive from Atlanta and one of the places he’s scouting for upcoming trips.
The drive out of Atlanta is an easy one via GA 400N. One route takes you straight through the middle of Helen, Georgia, a German-inspired town nestled in the lower hills of the North Georgia Mountains. This is a plus if you’re into bratwurst and beer. Otherwise, the town bypass (which is easy to bypass) will put you at the trailhead a bit quicker.
Raven Cliff Falls is a popular hiking and camping spot within the 750,145 acres of the Chattahoochee National Forest Park. There are a few other similar spots nearby—Dukes Creek Falls Trail and Andrews Cove Trail that got good ratings from trail folk. The trailhead for Raven Cliff Falls begins at a sizeable, free parking area. There is a compost restroom in the parking lot. That’s it for facilities.
Like city folk, we were only camping one night but had enough gear, grub and water for a good three days. Our backpack's weighed at least 20 pounds each and Reggie’s had to be 50 or more. The hike to the top of the falls is only about 2.5 miles, but it is all pretty much uphill. I consider it an easy to moderate hike, but I’m out on a trail or practicing yoga or running on the regular. With the extra weight of my pack, I felt the exertion of the climb.
Despite perfect mountain weather and the vibrancy of the Fall forest, we found an unclaimed spot about 3/4 of a mile up to pitch camp. The site, like most of the ones along the trial, had a rudimentary fire pit and open space. It was down an embankment and nestled beside Dodd Creek, which catches the water flowing down from the falls. I don’t think we could have paid for a better spot. Some helped Reggie with the tent's, while the rest started collecting wood for the fire. Reggie had a small propane stove, so we wouldn’t need the fire to eat, but the warmth and light would be welcomed after nightfall.
We ate boil-in-a-bag Indian food and Japanese sticky rice and drank Chardonnay chilled in the riverbed. After building up the fire so we’d be able to find the campsite by it’s glow, we headed up the trail for a night hike. I rarely get to hike at night, so being on the trail after dark was exhilarating. It reminded me of being a kid and being allowed to play outside after dark. Awesome!
When we got back to camp, the fire wasn’t ready to go out and we’d gathered more wood during the hike so I got more time to tend the lovely fire. I discovered that watching, gauging the flames; adding wood to keep the flames even; and herding the burning embers together is a meditation for me. In the trance I can coax it to dance, you know, the fire. It will flicker and flame, glow and pop, warm and welcome. And the warmth and light the meditation provides is instant gratification. Excellent.
The only sound the night offered was the melodious gurgling of Dodd Creek. Before going to sleep, we talked about how lucky we were to live in a country where you could feel safe camping out in a public forest. And how so many people sleep on the relatively cheap enjoyment that the woods and trails have to offer. Heading for the trails is probably one of the cheapest ways to get off the grid and unwind. Even if you end up paying someone like Reggie and his staff of outdoor experts to facilitate it for you.
We left camp for the top of the trail, some 850 feet higher, after the sun had taken the night chill from the air. The trail follows Dodd Creek and the lower falls for the most part. There are some dramatic, and unmarked drop-offs along the trail so you have to stay a little sharp, but its nothing that would give someone uncomfortable around heights pause (ahem). We made it to the top in about an hour. We did venture off the main trail once, but not for more than 10 minutes. We also passed a lot of people on the way up, so the hike probably takes more like an hour and a half for slower hikers.
There are places to rest at the top of the falls, which culminate in blocks of granite that almost look chiseled. Water cascades dramatically between two stones that loom above a pool of water that might be inviting during the summer months. It’s an environment worthy of the climb.
The downhill trip goes fast. Maybe its momentum, but I’m glad I got my picture taking in going up. We pack up camp, leaving the site cleaner than we found it, and headed down the trail with the call of the wild temporarily hushed.
L.Malaika Cooper is author of “Flung: Book One of the Whirlwomen Trilogy” and blogs and

Niambi Walker, age 12.... Boat Rock Trail, Atlanta, GA
Have you ever thought about going to a place that all of the family can enjoy? Do you want to go to a place with your family that will engage them in a fun and fulfilling experience? If so hiking a local trail is just for you!

Hiking trails are known by many families including mine to be a breath taking experience to connect you with nature.  When I went hiking I was taken by the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. I know from experience that seeing nature in that way is a must see for every family.

Picture yourself walking through the beautiful woods. The sound of birds chirping, grasshoppers jumping, and frogs croaking fill the air! The smell of nature and beauty take over your senses! The relaxing interaction with nature is something the whole family will enjoy.

You might be thinking, “What if I get lost in the woods?” or “This sounds good for me but what about my children?”  Well “We Love 2 Hike” has the perfect solution.  They have guides that are professional and can lead you through any hiking trail! At first my mom and I had the same questions and the hiking professional easily answered all of them!

By going on a hiking trail with “We Love 2 Hike” you won’t have to worry about maps or mental assumption. Your children will see many new creatures that live in this forest such as frogs, toads, grasshoppers, and squirrels! Your kids will be fascinated just as I was!

Don’t you see that going hiking is for everyone! Give your family the life changing experience they need and go hiking!

Raven Cliff Falls by Reginald
About four months ago I decided that I wanted to hike Raven Cliff Falls in the North Georgia Mountains and for one reason or another it just didn’t happen.  Now after what seems like forever I finally had the chance to hike Raven Cliff. 

A week or so ago I took the scenic route up which took me about 3 hours.  Along the way driving up and around the Mountain I stopped at a few small gift shops and of course I stopped to take my first glance of the spectacular views.  I don’t believe there is one word that can truly describe the view of the small valleys and mountain tops as far as the eye could see.  It took my breath away and made me appreciate nature’s wonder a little more.  As I continued to look around I began to get the feeling that I would run out of time and quickly realized that it would be impossible to see everything that Raven Cliff Falls had to offer in just one day.  I really think I would need about a month to truly get the full experience of the mountain.  

Once I decided to continue heading up to the trail I said goodbye to some fellow hikers.  But before I could actually leave the hikers took the time to tell me about all the great trails they have hiked at Raven Cliff Falls.  As I resumed driving I just couldn’t resist the views!  I found myself stopping at multiple rest stops to take in the view and snap some pictures to capture this incredible setting.  That’s the real reason it took 3 hours to get there, all the stopping!  After a little more ‘slow driving’ I saw the signs that let me know I had arrived at the trail head… at last, Raven Cliff Falls.  

As I performed a final check of my gear, food, and water I noticed that the parking lot seemed pretty empty, which gave me the indication that it wouldn’t be very crowded on the trail.  That put an even bigger smile on my face.  

Okay, so I’m ready to start my hike but I was a little apprehensive because I am alone and I had never been to this trail before and I knew I was in bear country.  But just as it goes, I received a sign right at the start of the trail.  As I headed on to the trail a little boy about age 7 came running out with flip flops on smiling and laughing with his dad saying how much fun he had.  Right then and there I knew I would be ok.  

The trail I was hiking would lead me to the falls and along the way I saw mushrooms on the side of trees, moss on the side of rocks, art work made of rock by fellow hikers in the streams, and the rock formations in the appearance of art maid by Mother Nature.  It was spectacular!  While crossing small bridges and streams I listened to nothing but nature and I found myself falling deep into a trance.  I was awake and alert though, but every now and then I found myself looking up and around to make sure nothing is watching me, LOL.  As I continued along the trail about 20 minutes I noticed the sound started to change in the distance.  At this point I felt a change in the temperature.  It was cooler on the mountain than it was in the city and it was even cooler from the trailhead to the point where I was under a canopy of the imposing trees.  The sound accompanied with the cool breeze of the shade was astounding. 

I pushed forward and came across the first water fall.  Stopping a brief moment, I took it all in and hydrated my body.  After another mile and I came upon the big water fall.  I had finally made it to the Raven Cliff water fall.  Just as I approached the fall a runner runs past me and I yelled at him, “STOP”!  I wanted him to stop to make sure I should not be running as well…  Don’t get me wrong I “Love 2 Hike”, but I also love my life, LOL.  After the runner stopped I asked, “Where are you running to or from?  Are we at the end of the trail”?   The runner said, “No Sir!  You are at the end of the trail but not the journey. Follow me”.  We hiked up about 30 more feet and arrived at the climax.  It was exactly what I came for. The sight was beyond amazing so I stopped and had my lunch.  The view was extraordinary with trees to my rear, rocks to my left and right, and one of the most spectacular water falls Georgia has to offer directly in front of me.  At that moment I felt I could venture out and hike forever!  Raven Cliff Falls was one of the best hikes I had been on in months.  The brake from the city and the heat was well worth it.  Well, until next time…