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A shared We Love 2 Hike Adventures (WL2H) trip might just be one of the world's best group-bonding experiences. If you've got a crew of 5 or more or employees who deserve a special reward or a gang of gung-ho family members who are just itching to see the world—consider a private hike with We Love 2 Hike (WL2H).

What is a private Hike, exactly?

A private Hike is an WL2H Adventures trip that's just for you and your group. You can set up a private Hike to see the world.

Who should consider private Hikes?

You can set up a private Hike for any group or occasion. Here's a list of some popular types of private Hikes:
  • Celebrating a life milestone
    Imagine you and your friends celebrating your birthday on top of a Mountain!
  • Family trips
    Round up the clan and give them the world. Introduce the kids to part of the world--in person!
  • Reunions
    Catch up with family and friends in style. Hike in to the Hike INN!
  • Clubs and other special groups
    Gather your hiking, camping, fishing buddies and visit a place you've all talked about for years.
  • Corporate retreats
    Reward office superstars with the trip of a lifetime! There's no better team-building exercise than a trek around Mt. Blanc. Trust us.

Are private hikes available for small families or groups?

Yes – on most trips. If you see a trip you'd love to take but find that our published departure dates won't work with your schedule, consider a private departure; many of the trips can be run with just a few people. Our staff can provide details –

Can I book a trip for my group on dates or places that aren't listed online?

Yes. In fact, we prefer to run private hikes on dates other than those advertised online.

Is the cost of a private departure the same as your regular trips?

Pricing for private hikes varies by trip and is based on the size of your group. send us and e-mail for an estimate.

Are the itineraries for private hikes the same as regular (WL2H) Adventure hiking trips?

Yes. You won't miss a thing! Our private hikes are priced as complete land tour packages and trip itineraries will remain consistent with our award winning hiking adventures!

Is it difficult to arrange a private hike?

Not at all. Just contact us to get things in motion. We'll take it from there, handling payments and forms, trip information, gear lists, trip questions and many more details.

Policies and payment

When you arrange a private departure, payment and cancellation policies will vary from normal trip policies. Trip itineraries will remain basically the same. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us to learn more

Our Adventure Specialists would be happy to help you arrange a private adventure hiking trip. It's one of their specialties!  e-mail us at

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